Certificate of Disposition

Why You May Need To Get A New York Certificate Of Disposition

If you've ever had a criminal charge, whether it was a minor misdemeanor or an offense that was a little more serious, you may want to get a certificate of disposition. In some cases, you may actually be required to present this document such as applying for a job that requires a thorough background check. The document gives details of what exactly your case was about, what kind of sentence you were given, whether that sentence has been served or is ongoing, the prosecutor's name, or whether it was dismissed or sealed. If you were eligible for bail and got it, there are special kinds of certificates of disposition that show this as well.

The main reason you would want to have this available at all times is either for job or housing applications, but if you are an immigrant trying to obtain US citizenship, you may also need it to make sure you still qualify. Usually you will not need this document if you were arrested, but never formally charged with a crime, as that will usuall show up under an undocketted arrest database. But in case any outstanding criminal charges are showing up under your name, all parties doing the background checks can see from this documet that your case is over.

Usually obtaining a Certificate of Disposition is not too hard. You can usually go to the court house and fill in the proper paperwork to get it. But if you've been convicted and tried in another state's jurisdiction, having to travel to get the certificate of disposition may not be feasible. In that case, there are law firms that can get it for you and mail it to you. Usually they'll only charge you a litle over $100, and all you have to do is make sure they're given your notarized signature to get the documents.